Become Silent and Peaceful

When you practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation, your mind becomes peaceful and calm. Your body relaxes. You feel good! A few minutes of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is rejuvenating. You rediscover your sense of joy. You get inspired. You express your love more. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free.

The Experience

A few minutes of Sahaja Yoga Meditation helps our nervous system to calm down. There are fewer obsessive or uncontrollable thoughts. We find we are able to speak and act in an effective, balanced way. Not only is it easy to practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation; it is easy to give the experience of the meditation to others.

What “Sahaja” Means

Sahaja means “born with you” in Sanskrit. This is why Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always taught without charge: We are all born with the potential to become our best selves — peaceful, generous,  creative. The meditation allows us to use more of our inborn potential. The state of meditation has been felt and enjoyed for thousands of years. It has been taught by masters in India as part of an ancient yogic tradition.